These two hotties hadn't seen each other in a long while but when they did.. magic happened! They were all over each other and undressed in a jiffy and licked punani like champs! What a reunion this was!




























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Some Halloween party this was, wish I was there!!


A bunch of hot party girls go to the club dressed in sexy costumes ready to tear the walls apart. They wiggle their booties and flash their tits on the dance floor; this is a sure method to attract the guys! The guys flock around them and some are lucky enough to get their cocks dipped in punani. Emily and some of the other girls doesn't care they are in public they just fuck like mad in front of a big audience. They licked pussy as well, Emily even did some interracial lesbian stuff!


If you know the name of some of the other girls I'd be interested to know, drop a line in the comment field!




















































Click here for the PARTY VIDEO!

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Emily and the girls were partying on the beach when some dudes invited them to play some limbo. They joined in and befriended then and before they knew it they were back at the guys' apartment! The party went on and the girls stripped down to tease the boys. Things evolved once again and soon enough they were licking each other pussies and blowing the guys. Party on!

































Download the FULL SCENE HERE!

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Finally a fresh episode! Natalie Heart is a very hot teen so that sweetens the deal :)


Emily walked in on her step sister when she was taking some hot pics of herself. She decided to help her out but one thing led to another and before you knew it they were licking each others pussies!



























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There wasn't any pictures from this scene but who cares when I have a 10 minute long video for you! Three fine babes having a good time with Porno Dan. Both lesbian and straight action as you may have guessed with that many girls in the same scene. Alright, check it out and enjoy!



Click here to watch!

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The lovely latina babe Luna Star is also at this party, I've devoted a post to her part in this scene at her blog. So go dig it up over there! :)


Party in the pool on a sunny day. A lot of hot chicks and a few guys.. So Emily throws away her bikini top and the rest of the babes follow her lead. Then the girls start to make out and it leads to some nice pussy licking in the pool while the rest of the party peeps are watching. Emily prefers dick though and it was easy to find a rock hard one so she started sucking on it, then she rode it in a sun chair next to the pool. A girl was still horny for Emily so she made out with her as she got fucked by the horndog!






















See the full party video HERE!

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